Two Options for ordering lunch:

Hot lunch program, an online ordering system for parents to order hot meals and milk for their children as an alternative to sending a packed lunch from home.

Below is the food ordering process to be followed if your child wants to participate in the Food Program. We offer food services Monday to Thursday every week and Milk/Choc Milk Monday to Friday.

All food orders are completed online on the website.

Parents must set up accounts at the beginning of each year.  Information on how to do is available here: Parent Instructions (PDF)

All payments must be received at the time of ordering. If the payment is not made at the time of ordering, the order will not be processed. Your child’s order and payment must be made by 11pm on Sunday

You can edit an order up until Sunday at 11:00pm prior to each order week (The system will give you a credit in the account, which you can use on your next order). After that the menu is closed, no adjustments can be made to that week’s order. If your child is sick or absent and you wish to pick up your child’s lunch, you must phone the school on that day to notify the teacher. If the school does not receive a call, his/her lunch order will be donated to another child in need.

If school is cancelled on a food order day, and your child has ordered, your account will be credited.

Monday: Cheese Pizza $2.00

Tuesday: Subway (Check off options on the online Subway order form) $5.50     

Wednesday: Cheese Pizza $2.00

Thursday: Papa John’s   Chicken Poppers & Parmesan Bread Stick $5.00

 Daily: White Milk .50 OR Chocolate Milk .80

  *Reimbursements are not possible because the vendors must be paid for the food they supply.



PEI School Food Program

Healthy, nutritious food is important for student achievement. PEI School Food Program Inc. (PEISFP) want to ensure that nutritious lunches are available to as many students as possible.

The PEISFP will provide an opportunity for families to order healthy lunches five days a week. Meals will be prepared and delivered directly to schools at lunch time by local food service providers. Nut free, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options will be available.

The Program will be Pay What You Can.

As of today, families can now prepare for the upcoming school year by registering for the program at:

Once you’ve registered, you will receive your login and password via email, along with a welcome information package. This username and password will allow you to login into the ordering platform once it is active. Therefore, registration is required to participate.

If a family needs to reach a support staff, they can by email at or by calling 902-380-3663 (FOOD)

Utensils – Just a reminder that if your child is ordering through the Provincial School food program, it is important that you send in the necessary utensils. The food program does not provide these.